My Story

 As a young dancer, Despina studied at the Kastrinou school of dance in Athens, Greece. She studied with the world famous Greek dancer Zaria and has performed with great talents such as Hadia. Despina continues to conduct workshops with dancers to share technical, cultural, and industry information. She has performed for famous composers, diplomats, and dignitaries. Her technique, grace and talent are sought out by the most discerning of audiences. Her dancing defies gravity and seemingly effortless movements and eye expression mesmerizes her audience. She moves her audience through a range of emotions by the physical expression of her body. She is a master of the forbidden dance, and she is rich with culture. Despina is confident and passionate in her identity, and personal expression. She keeps her classes small so that her students benefit from the quality classroom instruction. She takes a personal interest in her students and exposes them to a variety of Arabic and Greek bellydancing techniques, while providing cultural base. Despina's enthusiasm creates an atmosphere of celebration and female appreciation. It is a dance for all women, regardless of age, shape and experience.  Despina provides more than just classes, she provides the essentials for discovery of oneself through the art of dance.

Despina is the creator of Zohour El Sahara, creator of numerous/teaching choreographies, certified Zumba Instructor from Beto Perez, knowledgeable in Latin Dancing is available for functions, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and special events. Please contact Despina at (403)291-4446.


‚ÄčServing Calgarian's for over 20 years